Tempo Tracker

Tempo Tracker gives musicians the ability to track the real-time tempo for almost all modern music. Built specifically for drummers and DJ’s who want to track their tempo while practicing or performing, Tempo Tracker allows you to see near-instant feedback of your current tempo, along with average, peak, and slowest tempos using nothing more than the built-in microphone of your device.

During practices our band does a good job staying with the tempo, but sometimes during live performances we get a little excited and begin to rush. Tempo Tracker helps us analyze our performances, allowing us to see exactly when the excitement kicked in and got the better of us. It has made us better, more aware, musicians.

Tempo Tracker provides you with an interactive graph of your playing so you can quickly see all bpm data. Use Tempo Tracker during band practices to highlight when you (or the guitar player) are rushing, or glance at it periodically to monitor that you’re keeping to the expected beat while performing. Tempo Tracker’s simple and pleasant design makes it easy to set and use.

Have a question about Tempo Tracker? Need some support? Or is there a feature you’d like to see added? Let me know. You can reach me by using the contact form.

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